Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blind Bags 3 Drops Friday September 21st at 9am PST

Blind Bags Series 3
Terms & Conditions


Blind Bags 3 Website:

Thank you for your interest in Evilos Blind Bags Series 3! Evilos has been hard at work hand crafting the latest in this one of a kind series. As always, the goal of the Blind Bags series is to deliver an experience to the collector that they cannot get anywhere else. By ordering 9/21/2012, you will be guaranteed to receive a box or two depending on how many you buy, up until 100 numbered boxes are sold. So unlike Blind Bag Series 1, placing an order now means there is no waiting list and no wondering if you are getting in, you are definitely in. What will you pull out of Series Three?

 Here are the details:

 Orders and Specifications

 1. Evilos will begin selling 100 Numbered boxes of Blind Bags Series 3 beginning on Friday September, 21st at 9am (PST).

 2. Each box will be priced at $100, the price of shipping is included for USA customers. International Shipping will be $30 Per Box and you much have a “Confirmed” address or your order will be cancelled. International Shipping will USPS EMS with tracking and insurance. *International Customers can have someone in the USA order for them, shipping is then responsible by the third party.

3. Blind Bags Series 3 Boxes will be sold on Blind Bags 3 Website, a link will be open on the date and time above for collectors to purchase.

4. Boxes will be shipped in about 8 weeks after payment has been received. Around November 19th!

5. Limit of up to Two boxes per household. Any orders of more than two will be cancelled.

6. Some figures may not have their artist cards.

Terms & Conditions

1. At this time, Blind Bags Series 3 is limited to the first 100 numbered boxes sold.

 2. Purchasing your Blind Box today guarantees participation in Blind Bags Series 3. We cannot hold your spot or guarantee you a box if you haven’t paid.

 3. Each box will contain (5) five figures which includes; (1) Custom and (4) Random figures from previous sets from 2008 to present day.

 4. Random boxes in Blind Bags Series  3 will have inserted ultra-rare, ultra special  3” Gold Custom “Prize” figures that will unlock very rare and hard to find prizes. If you receive a Gold Custom, you will be required to report back to Evilos to collect your prize.

 5. A confirmation email will go out confirming your order placement after payment has been made. Allow 48 hours to receive this email.

6. Boxes will ship approximately 8 weeks after payment has been made.

 7. No Refunds or Exchanges will be accepted.

 8. Risk of damage shall pass to the customer, Evilos assumes no liability for damage out of his control or incurred during shipping.

9. International customers must pay $30 shipping and they MUST have a "Confirmed" address or their orders will be cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Q: What is Evilos Blind Bags Series?

 A: Blind Bags is a special Grab Bag mystery boxed set put together for the collector community by the custom artist Evilos himself. Each box is hand crafted to deliver the collector a special one-of-a-kind experience that delivers on the thrill of the chase! Every element of the Blind Box series is specially planned from the figures included to the packaging they come in.

Q: What will I received with my $100 dollar order?

 A: Each box will be shipped to your address. Each box will contain 5 Mystery figures. 1 specially hand crafted Custom by Evilos or by other premiere custom artists, and 4 Production Figures. Each figure is sent in mystery packaging so that you will not know the contents are till you open them. Just like blind boxing. How fun right?

 Q: What is a Custom?

 A: Customs are hand painted blank figures painted by artists from around the world in their own style. Look for one of a kind customs from over 21 artists. Also limited edition and open edition customs by Evilos will also be randomly inserted into this series

 Q: What is the puzzle promotion?

A: Collect all 12 Puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle, mail back to Evilos to receive a prize.

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