Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Glyos Fan Pin No.1 is a GO!


From the site:
Well this project was launched in a very short amount of time and with the blessing of Matt Doughty we are going to make the first Glyos metal pin. The first pin will use the amazing design by our very own Monsterforge here on the boards. We are still working out all the details of how this is going to work, but most likely we will be doing a presale once final artwork is approved and I feel that the final product is up to our standard.

If this is successful we will consider doing another pin using other fan designs. These are not cheap to produce as I will most likely be putting up a good amount of the money to get these produced. I will be posting updates of the progress of this project here.

So far the details are:

We will only be producing 100 Pins per design. I will try to keep the cost down as much as I can, we are looking at around $6 each. But that price might go up. This first pin will be all metal like the real "Wings" given to pilots around the world.

I would like your feedback and if this would be something you would be interested in as a glyos fan? These are going to be produced regardless of how many of you guys and gals are in for one. As I feel really passionate about this project and I hope you can get behind it also.

We will keep everyone posted and thank you for the support.

Christopher AKA Evilos

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Earth Movement - March 3rd



A kidcentric, collaborative group art show in San Francisco

The family has been asked to be apart of this amazing art show, I hope our fans would show support by coming by to say hello. 

Check out the link here, more info to come over the next few weeks:


Here are a list of artists so far:

Jumping Brain Custom SOLD

It was very nice to wake up and see this was sold, it shows an interest in my work other than Vinylmations. I will be doing alot of other vinyls this year, including Glyos, QEE, 3A and others. Thank you everyone for the support, it keeps me going!!!

Auction Link:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oregonized Gallery Presents Anything Will Help

Oregonized Gallery Presents
A Poor Mans artshow!
Featuring art all created on cardboard!!!
Portlands first cardboard themed artshow!!!!! Also a sticker/poster installation will be at the event as well!!
This is an Open Submission for cardboard art. Anyone can submit any artwork done on cardboard. All art will be for sale and everything is going to be priced under 50 dollars!!!!
Send your cardboard pieces, stickers/posters here
Po Box 13492
Portland, OR 97213 USA
Deadline for pieces is going to be on March 11th!!!
Mark on the back of your cardboard art the price of your work(it has to be under 50 bucks)...
If you want your pieces mailed back to you send postage for your piece to be mailed back.....If your work sells Oregonized Gallery will be taking a small commission so we can do future events that include a wide community of artists.
any questions?
email oregonized gallery
Artist Line up!
Rx Skulls
John Diss
Mr. Say
Nasty Nate
Life aint black or white but i am
Cthulhu cult
Amber Pretty Hair
Navin Jhonson
The Lost Cause
Kanye PDX
Dr. Rasterbator
Peel Your Face Off
I will not
Olive. Always

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