Monday, March 10, 2014

Custom Android Drop!

Evilos Android Drop!
USA Shipping is Free / International $8 Flat Fee

Mouse Droid (Black Hat)
NOTE: Photo is one you will receive

Army Man (Boom Town)
NOTE: With Mud, Resin Stand

Army Man (Pistol Pete)
NOTE: No Mud, Resin Stand

Army Man (Shotgun Sally)
NOTE: With Mud, Resin Stand
Army Man (Uzi Lou)
NOTE: With Mud, Resin Stand

DCON 2013 Breaking Bad - Red Color Test
NOTE: Figure used to test color red and semi gloss (never used)
I went with Yellow and Blue for the release. One of a kind.

DCON 2013 Breaking Bad - Artist Proof
NOTE: White Logo was made with no color. One of a kind.

Silver Developer

TRON Legacy (Black/White) No Light

Blue Developer (High Gloss/Metal Flake)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mouse in Carbonite Pin $25 Shipped (Now Accepting Bitcoin)

Mouse in Carbonite Pin 
($25 Shipped) 

Diecast Metal. (2.00" x 1.37") Limited to 100.
Card is Hand Numbered and Signed by Evilos
Comes in Sealed Anti-Static Baggie
Shipping is Free (USA)
International Orders Add $6 Per Order.

Now Accepting Bitcoin (0.02 BTC) Per Pin
Scan QR using your BC Wallet App

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Please Donate Vinylmation figures to Commons 4 Kids!!!

Commons 4 Kids!!!

55 #vinylmation Commons going to brighten up a child life this holiday season! Figure donations go to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I challenge any collector to beat my donation of 55 figures!!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Evilos Creepy Wallpaper "Hand Pressed" Shirts

$20 Shipped!!!


  These are hand pressed by Evilos.
Its like getting a piece of art you can wear. 
Made with Gildan Dry Blend 50/50 Shirts
High Quality Black Shirt with Silver Ink
Only a few will be made (Limited).
Please select size and order.
These will be made to order.
Allow Two Weeks for Delivery. 
Thank you.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disney Infinity Facebook Group Exclusive "Blue Crystal Sulley" LE50

Exclusive Blue Crystal Sulley LE50
(Please NOTE you are only purchasing the service, you
will need to send in your Sulley figure to get repainted)

(USA Only, No International Sales)

Basic Info:
Please send one "Crystal Sulley" Figure to Christopher Avalos (Evilos)

The price will be $40 (Shipped) per figure for the artist to repaint your figure and send it back to you.

You will be responsible to ship the figure to the artist.(Please use a box and get a tracking number) 

The artist will ship the figure back to you.

$5 of each figure will go to the Roland Mcdonald House Charities.

Q: What exactly do I get for $40?
A: Evilos will professionally airbrush your figure, which includes painting the base. The figure Will be placed in a special one-of-a-kind packaging created just for this project. Each figure and its packaging will be signed and numbered (to 50).  Special holograms will also be affixed to the figure and packaging. Lastly you will receive a printed COA, which will certify your custom and unique limited edition number.

Q: What forms of payment are there?
A: Right now we are only accepting Paypal for payments. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use your Debit  or Credit Card to order through the secured PayPal site.

Q: How do I ship my figure?
A: Please take the figure out of its original packaging if your figure is brand new. Place the figure in a Ziploc bag, then place in a small box. Make sure figure does not rattle around. Use foam, plastic bags or newspaper to secure the figure in place inside the box. You can print postage online or go to the post office to have it shipped. You can ship either First Class or Priority, it's up to you, but YOU MUST GET A TRACKING NUMBER. We will not be responsible for lost or damaged figures.

Q: Where do I ship my figure to?
A: PM Christopher Avalos for address

Q: How long will it take to get my figure back?
A: About 2-3 Weeks. You will receive updates during the entire process, when we receive the figure and when your figure is shipped.

Q: Can I send more than one figure?
A: Yes, you can send as many figures as you want, but each figure will be $40 to paint.

Q: Can I play with my figure?
A: You can, but we would not advise playing with the figure. Consider this a piece of art as handling over time will damage the figure due to finger prints, oils and general wear.

Q: How many figures will be made?
A: We will only create up to fifty (50) figures for this project.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?
A: Sorry we are only receiving and shipping figures from the United States.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Evilos Candy Jr Blind Boxes ON SALE!

Evilos Candy Jr Blind Boxes:

$20 Shipped USA Each (International Customs will be invoiced shipping after)
Each Box will contain one Custom Jr.
There is a base set of seven, look for clear chaser versions of the base set.
Look for one of a Kind Customs from:
Evilos, Gerald Mendez, NRB Relic, Killer Bootlegs
Ryan Branoff & Jared Flores.

If you purchase (5) Five or more boxes you will receive a FREE Mystery Evilos Pin!

Boxes will be shipped the week of August 5th

The rest will be sold at D23 Booth #221